Penalty on Illegal Homes
Img : nripro

Pune Municipal Corporation [PMC] gave nod to the proposal that stated deduction in penalty on property owners of illegal homes. According to the sanctioned proposal, a landlord of illegal dwelling unit that cover an area smaller than 1000 sq. ft. will be charged only 1.5 times tax as fine or charge in comparison to the three times tax that was earlier proposed.

This proposal to minimize penalty on property owners of illegal housing units was passed after discussion and debate. Several municipal councilors from the opposition group said that this decision will work as an encouragement to more illegal construction in the Pune city.

Although, the municipal councilors supporting this proposal said that this action will increase registration of properties as many landlords don’t register their dwelling unit feeling tax rates too high. According to them, the decision to cut down penalty charge will encourage landlords to get their dwelling units registered.

According to the PMC [Pune Municipal Corporation] officials, a property can be declared illegal for several reasons such as residing in a property that does not have an Occupancy Certificate (OC).

Earlier, the Pune Municipal Corporation planned to use nearly 35-hectares of unused grazing land to construct dwelling units under the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna [PMAY]. This land parcel lies within the vicinity of Pune Municipal Corporation [PMC] and 11 villages were added under its jurisdiction when the delimitation of the city took place in the year 2017.

According to an official, the maximum number of grazing land falls under the Haveli tehsil jurisdiction of the district collectorate.