Pune goes green
Img : archelec

In order to move closer to nature and opt a greener way to life, residents of Pune has incorporated many renewable methods of energy generation in their homes as well as commercial spaces. This has been revealed in an environment status report for 2017-18 (ESR) which was released recently.

As per the report, over 74,360 properties, including residential and commercial buildings, have installed rooftop solar power units, vermicomposting pits and rainwater harvesting systems on their premises.

The report stated, “ Out of these properties, about 33,349 properties have just set up vermicomposting pits, 11,748 have installed rooftop solar power units, while 1,778 properties have set up rainwater harvesting systems in their concerned buildings.”

Apart from the above data, the report also specified that about 18,778 properties have installed both rooftop solar power units and vermicomposting pits, while 6,331 properties have set up rainwater harvesting and vermicomposting units. About 532 properties have installed all the three i.e. vermicomposting pits, solar units, and rainwater harvesting systems.

In recent times, Puneities has shown lots of awareness about the use of alternative energy sources in their residential/commercial premises. According to a spokesperson of RWA, their society has installed vermicomposting pits and has been giving the fertilizer generated to farmers and non-governmental organizations working in the rural areas.

Giving more information, civic officials said, “In 2017-18, about 10,749 properties had solar units. However, this number has increased to 11,748 this year. Similarly, establishments with vermicomposting pits have also increased to 33,349 from last year’s 31,654.”