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Trichy, one of the largest towns in Tamil Nadu, is popular for its attractive landscape and best class facilities for living. The government is very much concerned for its people. The Trichy administration always tries to convince their people by providing best-class services almost in every aspect. The Trichy administration has been working hard in technological advancement, making them a little different from the other towns in Tamil Nadu. So, for making property tax procedure easier, administration make property tax Trichy online.

However, even if you opt for property tax online payment Trichy, you needn’t visit revenue collections offices anymore. The Trichy administration has made them easy for its people. Now you can Pay Property Tax Trichy Online with the ease of your home. Today in this article, we will provide you with a bunch of essential information regarding Pay Property Tax Trichy Online. So, let’s have a look so that you can have a hassle-free experience next time you pay property taxes online.

The Procedures To Pay Property Tax Trichy

Well, certain procedures are maintained before you pay the property tax in Trichy. Below are the key procedures you may wish to check for better understanding.

The property owners in Trichy can pay their property tax in both offline and online ways. If they wish to pay offline, they must visit the tax collection offices to pay their property tax. On the other hand, they are having an online option as well. In that case, they can Pay Property Tax Trichy Online right from their home.

The property tax is calculated twice a year. The first due date falls on March 31st and the second one falls on September 30th every year. Suppose the property owners fail to make payments of their property taxes on time. In that case, they get a penalty for delayed payment. For delayed payment, the administration charges 1% penalties for the total dues monthly.

Required Documents For Trichy Corporation Property Tax Online Payment

Suppose you wish to Pay Property Tax Trichy Online or offline by visiting tax collection offices. In that case, you need to have a few essential documents irrespective of modes. Check out the following documents that are required at the time of paying property taxes.

Owner’s photo identity proof

Owner’s address proof

Owner’s tax invoice where the payable tax amount will be written with segregation.

How to Pay Property Tax Trichy Online?

Well, there are some systematic processes to Pay Property Tax Trichy Online. You can go through the below process to get a transparent idea about the process of online payment of property tax in Trichy. Please have a look.

Step 1 – First you need to visit the official website of Tiruchirappalli to Pay Property Tax Trichy Online. You can visit from your web browser or by using your smartphone.

Step 2 – Once you open the website link, you need to click on the “online services” tab. Upon clicking the “online services” tab, you will be getting an option for calculating your property tax.

Step 3 – Then, you will be asked to select the mode of your property. Here, you need to select whether your property is residential or commercial.

Step 4 – Upon selecting the right model of your property, you need to put a security code depending upon the details of your owned property, like the total number of floors, the total area of the property, and so on.

Step 5 – Once you fill in all the details of your property, you need to click on the submit button to get the total assessment of the tax amount.

Step 6 – After getting the final assessment of property tax, you will be asked to put your address and all of your property details, like where your property is located and so forth.

Step 7 – Once you’re done with the property details and the final assessment of the payable tax amount, Pay Property Tax Trichy Online by several available online payment methods.

Step 8 – Upon making a successful Trichy corporation property tax payment, you will get an e-receipt of payment. Don’t forget to keep/save that e-receipt as a record of your tax payment for further reference.

In Case You Have to Pay Trichy Corporation Property Tax Offline

Well, you can pay your property taxes offline too. Suppose you wish to pay your taxes offline instead of opting for Trichy city corporation property tax online payment. In that case, you can do it as well. To pay your property taxes offline, you need to visit the tax collection offices in Trichy with the documents mentioned above. The officer-in-charge will assist you in the whole process of paying property taxes.


So, hopefully, now you know almost every relevant information regarding the property tax payment in Trichy corporation. See, as discussed, you can pay your taxes online, or you can opt to visit revenue collection offices for paying taxes. But it is advised that Pay Property Tax Trichy Online makes it less time-consuming and reduces the health risk during the deadly pandemic.