Property Tax New

NMC i.e. the Nagpur Municipal Corporation is finding it difficult to recover property tax from the city residents. The civic body that is also a listed contender for the Smart City tag is finding it tough to get the outstanding property tax arrears from residential, commercial and government properties cleared.

A total of Rs 748.7 crore and present year’s demand of Rs. 233.95 crore is outstanding.

According to the sources, nearly 4.43 lakh residential and commercial property owners are yet to clear the dues of Rs. 514.75 crores. The highest number of property tax defaulters are from the Laxmi Nagar zone. This area falls under the jurisdiction of Devendra Fadnavis, Chief Minister of Maharashtra and Mayor Nanda Jichkar.

The data of tax department shows that in Laxmi Nagar 47,499 property owners are yet to pay the outstanding dues of Rs.115.85 crore. Similarly, 75,372 property owners have outstanding due of Rs.70.99 crore arrears in the Lakadganj zone and the last highest leg of property tax defaulters fall under the Ashi Nagar zone where 89,630 property owners owe Rs. 69.78 crore of the Nagpur civic body.

The civic body took several initiatives to improve revenue collection via property tax and arrears. However, the municipal corporation has recovered Rs.95 crore arrears in the last fiscal year 2018-19.

The arrears on tax demands have increased as the assessees didn’t pay the tax amount in the past.

The sources also said that that the issue of outstanding dues is needed to be addressed and the efforts are being made to keep down the number of outstanding tax amount.

The tax department of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation is planning to introduce a two-pronged strategy to minimize the outstanding dues.