Home SellingSelling home is not an easy task. You should know the art to sell it with the best price and moreover without complicating the procedure. You have to strategise every stage of it as there are many buyers available in the market that has the choice to choose in from plenty of options. A small mistake can either make or break your property deal.

So, here are some common mistakes which must be avoided while home selling:

Mistake 1: Overpricing

We know you love your house a lot, but that doesn’t mean that you should extract all the price of it from a potential buyer. Think practically and arrive at the best proper price of the home by various property valuation procedures. Don’t overprice your property as it may sometimes land in losing up a lucrative deal. You can take help from various property portals as well as a local agent to get the right price of the property.

Mistake 2: Non-Maintenance of Property

This is another mistake which most of the property owners often conduct. Non-maintenance of a home creates a negative image of your property. For instance, a buyer comes to a house to inspect the property and found a leaking roof, decolouration of walls, lose doorknobs, and damaged bathroom and kitchen accessories, it will obviously deter them. Don’t deprioritize home maintenance as it will take a potential buyer away from the property. A buyer while buying property adds on the repair cost as a to the necessary investment expense. They want a home which should be in ready to move-in condition. So, maintaining the home is a must for a property seller.

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Mistake 3: Improper Advertisement

Often property owners think that applying a ‘For Sale’ board in front of the home will help them in landing a good deal. But they are wrong. Proper advertisement of the home is must to find the perfect deal. Here, you can take help of real estate agents or online property portals that can do an attractive listing of your property with some good photographs along with positive information of the property. This catches the eye of potential buyers easily.

Mistake 4: Rejecting Early Offers

Most of the property sellers have the notion that longer the property is kept, the more profitable deal they can get. But this is not the case as the longer a property gets displayed; the buyers think that there must be some default in the property due to which it is not selling. So, keep in mind not to reject early offers and quotes. Keep two or three in the list and finalise the one which is most beneficial.

Mistake 5: Saying ‘No’ to Negotiation

Often love for the home stops you from entering into the negotiation process. On the other hand, a buyer will always try to negotiate on the current property price by highlighting flaws in the same. So, it’s important to deal with such situation cleverly and make yourself open for small negotiations. At the same time, it will maintain the sentiment of both buyer as well as seller.

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