Register Property Online
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Property registration is a final step toward the closure of a real estate deal and people are required to visit the concerned authority office to get it done. But, now the residents of Bengaluru city have the option to get this task done with just a click.

Hence, below we are listing down the steps to register property online in Bengaluru but before that here are the things to consider for registering property online in the city.

Firstly, you are required to submit all the necessary documents for registration that too in less than four months from the date of execution.

The property buyer can download the Encumbrance Certificate from the Kaveri portal. For this visit:

It is important for you to know that the State Government has recently increased the minimum unit value at which the property can be registered.

Step-Wise Online Property Registration Process in Bengaluru

Step 1:

Visit and create a new user account.

Step 2:

Sign in the account and click on Property Registration.

Step 3:

Fill all the details like Execution date of Sale Deed, Details of parties involved and other required information. You are required to press the Save button after filling all the fields.

Step 4:

An advocate or the executant can prepare a sale deed for you once all the details of the buyer, seller and witness are filled.

Step 5:

Select the ID Proof that will be provided by the witnesses, seller and the buyer.

Step 6:

Calculate the guidance value after filling details like type of land i.e. agricultural, non-agricultural, residential, commercial, revenue district, nearest SRO office and more.

Step 7:

Fill the remaining details and calculate the stamp duty value.

Step 8:

Upload all supporting documents like NoC, Sale Deed, Encumbrance Certificate and more.

Step 9:

Selection Payment Option and fill the details like challan number, banker’s cheque number, challan date and more.

Step 10:

Schedule an appointment for the registry of Sale deed and visit the SRO Office to complete the process on the said date along with all the necessary documents.