floor carpet design for home
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Your home decor tells a lot about you. The artwork on walls, tables, corners exhibits your interest and personality. However, choosing a floor carpet design for home is as crucial as a centerpiece.

While focusing on the walls and furnishing, floors are usually neglected. After spending all the budget on the artworks, whatever is left is used to get an average carpet. 

You might have heard that the first thing a person notices about you is your shoes. Well, carpets are no exception. 

People spend a fair amount to get the best floor carpet design for home. However, the abundance of carpets in the market can be a problem. The Kashmiri carpet designes are very much popular and in demand.  

Instead of looking at everything, you should focus on what you need. We have done the homework for you. 


floor carpet design for home
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First things first, you should be aware of the textures and designs you can choose from. This is the list of commonly used carpet textures:

Level loop pile: 

This texture consists of tight, consistent, loop piles. It has an uniform color and texture throughout the carpet. Tightly knitted loops make the texture a little hard. This is the perfect carpet design for hall


Berber is another version of loop pile knitted with thicker yarn. Unlike the level loop pile, it has a somewhat irregular surface. Also, it has specks of different colors. This texture is for rough use. In addition to that, it hides dirt and stains pretty well. 

Cut-loop pile:

The cut-loop pile is the most commonly used carpet. It is soft as well as durable. Short cut loops and uniform surface give this texture a velvet appeal. It is the perfect floor carpet design for home with moderate traffic. 


Saxony, commonly known as the plush pile, falls in the category of luxury carpets. Its tightly packed, long-length twisted piles make it soft and deep. All the piles stand straight in the same direction. Therefore, Saxony is not suited for rough usage. It works as a perfect bedroom carpet design


Frieze is another modern carpet design with long-length twisted piles. However, its piles lie in different directions, making it a more durable option than Saxony. If you are looking for luxurious carpet designs for living room, you should go for Frieze. 

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Now that we are done with the textures, here are the few things you should consider before choosing a carpet:

#1: Your Lifestyle:

floor carpet design for home
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If you have children at home, they are likely to go berserk at the carpet to test its limits. Another thing that can ruin your carpet is the vigorous scratching of your pet. For such households, you should go for a loop pile or Berber. If you want a velvet touch, you can also choose a cut-loop pile. 

On the other hand, if you have neither children nor pets, you can select Saxony. Saxony will be a better choice for your bedroom carpet design, and Frieze is one of the best carpet designs for living room

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#2: Understand the color codes:

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If your carpet is prone to dirt and stains, you should select a darker tone in Berber. But if you don’t have such issues, then you can choose your tone according to your room. 

Light tone carpets will make your room appear larger. They are perfect carpet designs for living room

Dark tone carpets are used to make your room look cozy and warm. They are a perfect bedroom carpet design

It is advised to use a perfect blend of both shades to create a neutral effect in your house. 

#3: Choose a deeper shade:

modern carpet design
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Carpets are likely to fade with time. The color you are choosing today will not be the same after some time. Therefore, it is advised to go for a shade that is a couple of notches deeper than your desired color. 

This will save you from the trouble of maintaining a much lighter shade than expected. 

#4: Select your fiber:

modern carpet design
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Carpets are made of various fibers. You can find carpets made of natural fibers like wool. Combinations like wool-nylon are also there. Synthetic fibers like myriad are also available in markets. 

The best choice of fiber is wool. Suppose you want a fiber that changes according to weather. Carpets made of 100% wool are your pick. If you want a soft and fade-resistant fiber, you can choose solution-dyed nylon. 

Solution-dyed nylon is the best option for carpet design for hall

#5: Usage:

modern carpet design
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Before choosing the floor carpet design for home, you should know the purpose of the carpet. 

If the carpet handles many footsteps, you should find a durable texture like a loop pile or cut-loop pile. 

If you want a carpet to lie on, you should find a modern carpet design. Heavy carpets have a thick layer of yarn, making them comfy and soft. 

A perfect floor carpet design for home is not supposed to be the fanciest carpet out there. A carpet that serves its purpose and meets your requirements is your best choice. Having a well-researched guide can be a lifesaver. You should know your house and its people to get the perfect carpet.