Partial Possession
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The homebuyers, of course, have an eagerness to get the possession of their housing unit. But, at times the dream to reside in their own home can be ruined and this is because of the partial possession. So, here in this blog post the homebuyers and the prospects will know about what is Partial Possession and everything related to the same. So, let us get started with the concept.

Concept of Partial Possession

Like the word, possession suggests that a homebuyer gets the charge of a housing unit but in this case the developer offer possession of an under-construction project. The partial possession is termed at the time when the charge of a residential unit in an incomplete housing project is offered by the developer to the homebuyers.

Challenges ahead for the Homebuyers

Home Loan Repayment: The biggest challenge faced by the homebuyers in case of accepting partial possession is repayment of home loan. A major portion of homebuyers are the current tenants and thus they have to pay the rent as well as the loan EMI. Now, the equated monthly installment i.e. EMI starts under two conditions one is the subvention plan and another is CLP i.e, the Construction Linked Plan.

In both the plans, a homebuyer has to face the financial crunch. In case of subvention plan, a person is required to start the repayment of home loan to reside in that building or township that is yet to be completed and in case of CLP a person is twice bitten as he/she has to pay the monthly rental and home loan EMI together.

Unclear Sanctions & Property Papers: The next big challenge that lies ahead for the homebuyers are unapproved amenities from the concerned authorities. The unapproved facilities like sewage, water, electricity and more lead to a messy lifestyle as one has no availability of legal connections to any such thing.

Secondly, the property papers don’t get approval from the respective authorities and this is a sense of falling in a trap. Both these issues directly impact a person as one invests hard-earned income for completing the home buying process.

Coming under Stalled Project Category: The biggest con of signing the paper of partial possession is uncertainty. The developer gives away the charge of constructed housing units in the township but the remaining construction of the project comes to a halt due to some reasons. This led to waiting for project completion till 4, 5 and even for more years. But, the fear of living in a mid-stuck project constantly pinch as a person already starts making payment for the unit he/she is residing in.

Living in Unsecured Area: The law and order situation is the prime concern of people and thus taking charge of a housing unit in an incomplete project increase the chance of living in an unsecured area and this definitely not acceptable after paying a handsome sum of amount to the developer.

Comprise with Living Standards:  The homebuyers must not opt for partial possession as it is will bring down the standard of living. This is because not many prospects give their nod for this offer from the developer and it can make you a few residing members of the township. Also, the number of workers at an under-construction site is more and this creates habitat for lifestyle that matches with their level.

Hence, this is not a good residing place for the families of homebuyers.

Things to Check before taking Possession:

Layout: The first thing to check is the layout design. Take the floor plan along and check if all the dimensions are correct. You are suggested to question the developer promptly in case of any change in the layout design.

Leakage: The next thing to check is leakage, broken walls, unlevelled ceiling and improper flooring. All these things are important to figure out before taking charge of a housing unit.

Fittings & Fixtures: Now, do check for proper electric switch fitting, Geyser, cabinets in the kitchen and more. All these things should not be loose or damaged at the time of taking possession.


The developer, however, has 3-6 month time to fix all the problems in the unit. But, it’s better to check everything prior to taking the charge instead of running behind someone to get its fixed even after paying a good amount of money.