online property registration in Gurgaon
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Are you planning to purchase a new property in Gurgaon? You would be wondered to know that Gurgaon is one of the most highly demanding places for living in India. This is the reason the current average price of the properties is extremely high in Gurgaon. However, if you have already planned to purchase property in Gurgaon, don’t forget about the other costs that are associated with the new purchase.

Apart from charges for property registration in Gurgaon, you have to bear some other costs including stamp duty and so on. You may know that since 1908, property registration became mandatory after you purchase any property in Gurgaon. Therefore, it is necessary to know the other costs associated with a property purchase in advance so that you can be better ready to bear them easily.

Charges for Property Registration in Gurgaon

Well, as per the property registration act, 1908, the purchasers need to register the transaction within 4 months from the date of purchase. The Haryana government charges a flat registration fee depending upon the total worth of the purchased property. Yes, there is a little difference in charges as compared to the charges in the other states in India. Below is the table of fixed charges of property registration in Gurgaon that you can check for better transparency.

Value of the PropertyFlat Charges for Property Registration in Gurgaon
Up to Rs. 50000Flat charges of Rs. 100
Above Rs. 50000 to below Rs. 5 LakhsFlat charges of Rs. 1000
Above Rs. 5 Lakhs to below Rs. 10 LakhsFlat charges of Rs. 5000
Above Rs. 10 Lakhs to below Rs. 20 LakhsFlat charges of Rs. 10000
Above Rs. 20 Lakhs up to Rs. 25 LakhsFlat charges of Rs. 12500
Above Rs. 25 LakhsFlat charges of Rs. 15000

Mandatory Stamp Duty in Gurgaon

Apart from property registration charges in Gurgaon, there is a mandatory stamp duty you must bear if you are purchasing a property. Here in this scenario, you must keep a couple of important things in mind. First, stamp duty varies for the different genders. Second, stamp duty varies depending upon the location of the purchased property. The below table can provide a clearer vision of the mandatory stamp duty while purchasing a property in Gurgaon. Please have a look.

Area of the Purchased PropertyCharges for MenCharges for WomenCharges for Joint Purchase
For Municipality Area7%5%6%
For Outside of the Municipal Area5%3%4%

Examples of Calculating Stamp Duty

Still, if you have any doubts in calculating the stamp duty, a few examples can clear your doubts in a better way. Even you can visit www jamabandi nic in to get better assistance.

For instance, you have purchased a property in Gurgaon that costs Rs. 10 lakhs. And the purchased property falls in a municipal area.

Now, if you are a male, you have to pay 7% of the total property amount as stamp duty. If you are a female, you have to pay 5% of the total property amount. And if you are purchased in a joint name, you have to pay 6% of the total property amount.

On the contrary, if you have purchased a property in Gurgaon that costs 10 Lakhs but the purchased property falls outside of the municipal area, the stamp duty will differ.

For men, the stamp duty will be 5% of the total property amount.

For Women, the stamp duty will be 3% of the total property amount.

And for Joint purchase, the stamp duty will be 4% of the total property amount.

How to Make Online Payments of Stamp Duty?

If you have purchased a property in Gurgaon, you must pay the stamp duty online. Only after you pay the stamp duty, you’ll be able to book a slot for registering your purchased property. You can follow the below steps for paying the stamp duty online.

Step – 1 – First you need to open the government of Haryana’s official website for the finance department. The official website is –

Step – 2 – Once you opened the website, now you need to log on to the website using your credentials. In case, if you don’t have any prior account with them, create one so that you can log on to the website.

Step – 3 – Now complete the steps by inputting all the essential details related to your property.

Step – 4 – Now click on the payment link for making online transactions through net banking.

Step – 5 – Once you have completed the payment process, don’t forget to save the payment receipt for further use. You’ll need that receipt at the time of registering the property.


Well, as you have gone through the whole topic, now you are better aware of the charges for property registration in Gurgaon and stamp duty as well. See, it is always better to know the overall cost if you are purchasing any property so that you can be better ready for all the mandatory events associated with property purchase.