Register Property Online
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The Property registration process gives you the image of people waiting in long queues to get the task done. But, the same is not applicable to Haryana’s Gurugram district. The availability of online property registration here makes the task easy like never before. So, scroll down the page and know the steps to register property online in Gurugram:

  1. Firstly you are required to visit
  2. Now, click on the Property Registration tab and select the Deed Template
  3. In the third step, you are required to purchase e-stamp either online or from the bank. This stamp will then be verified by the concerned Sub-registrar.
  4. Then, in the Property Registration section only you need to select Check Deed Appointment Availability.
  5. Thereafter, the applicant has to submit a copy of Deed online.
  6. The next is Appearance before Sub-Registrar
  7. In this step, applicant’s physical presence for the biometric and photo verification process is mandatory in the office of Sub-registrar. Then, a hard copy has to be submitted in the office of Sub-registrar.
  8. Here, the applicant has to submit the Stamp duty and Registration fee manually at the respective office.
  9. Receival of Deed
  10. The applicant has to visit the office of Sub-registrar with the appointment slip in order to receive the Deed.
  11. The applicant has to carry documents are:
  12. Ownership Proof – The original copy of old sale deed or a mutation certificate.
  13. In order to prove identification of other parties involve in the sale/purchase. There voter ID cards, Aadhar card and PAN card are required.
  14. The applicant must also get along the Registration of document via PoA- Verification of Power of Attorney
  15. A No-Objection Certificate [NOC] from concerned DTP
  16. Two witnesses are along with their ID proof are also required
  17. The Map and details of the property
  18. A Digital photograph of the plot is also required

The Haryana Government introduced this online system to make property registration a hassle-free process.