Online Land Registration
Img : newindianexpress

In a move towards digitization, the Punjab Government launched Online Land registration from today. The online system named National Generic Document Registration System [NGDRS] will allow the residents to get their land registered at all sub-registrar offices.

Pradeep Kumar Agrawal, the Deputy Commissioner said that the residents have to take an appointment for registration of land simply by visiting the website This online registration system is secured from cyber-attack and simplifies the procedure for getting the land registered. A person is required to log in the website and fill information related to the property after which he/she can apply for registration of the same. The payment for land registration will be completed online and the person can also have a look at the rates of land fixed as per collector rates on the website. After filling up information, the person can choose a date for getting his/her land registered with the sub-registrar office and the documentation will take place on the chosen date.

Agrawal also added that the people will be benefitted from the online land registration system at large as now the residents can get their land registered with a click and are not required to visit the revenue and registration offices repeatedly. The district Commissioner also said that from now onwards the land registration process will be done online only.