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The value of a property is determined by various factors such as location, amenities, builder, construction quality and facilities available. But there is one more factor which determines the value of a house – whether it is furnished or not?

Many people, who plan to buy a house, often remain in dilemma to choose between furnished or barren property. Earlier most of the builders develop bare-shell apartments and hand it over to their occupants. But as buyers these days are focusing more on ready to move in apartments, so developers too are moving in the direction of preparing a furnished flat.

Based on buyers demand, a flat is divided into three categories: Furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished flat. Obviously, a buyer has to pay more for a fully furnished flat as it consists of all the basic amenities other than semi-furnished or unfurnished one.  So let’s understand the specifications and advantages of all three flat categories in details:

Furnished flat

A furnished apartment is fully fitted with amenities like cabinets, water heater in bathrooms, air conditioners, polished doors, chimneys, lights, along with many others. If a buyer doesn’t want to take any pain in shifting and arranging house items then furnished flats are the best options.

Furnished flat
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Benefits of buying a furnished flat

Although, furnished apartments cost more than unfurnished but after buying them you will enjoy many hidden benefits. If you have to relocate on a shorter notice, then a furnished place takes the hassle out of moving in a time crunch.

Semi-Furnished flat

Falls between both the categories, a semi-furnished flat comes with minimum basic amenities such as lights and fans. Here, a developer is free to give facilities according to the flat costing. In most cases, no expensive appliances such as air conditioners are included but yes you will find a basic woodwork in the house.

Semi Furnished flat
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Benefits of buying a semi-furnished flat

Many people want to design their dream house in their own way, so for them, a semi-furnished apartment is the best option. Also one will not have to indulge in immediate expenses after shifting to the new house. You can make changes in the interior or buy items as per your financial backup. Also, the costing of such apartments is less than the furnished one.

Unfurnished flat

A usual unfurnished flat comes with painted walls & ceiling, fitted kitchen cabinets & sink, Bathroom fixtures, internal doors, electrical wirings and outlets and flooring.  This is the most common way a developer deliver apartment to the buyer.

Unfurnished Flat
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Benefits of buying an unfurnished flat

For those who don’t have enough financial backup after buying a house, unfurnished apartment are the best options. One can buy household items as per their own convenience. Also, you can decorate your dream house as per your own choice. From wooden panels, light shades, bathroom décor to home interiors, you can customize home as per your whims and fancy. The main USP is the price of these flats which much lesser than furnished and semi-furnished one.