Online Presence
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The Indian realty market has always attracted NRIs i.e. Non-Residents Indians when it comes to property investment in their native country. However, due to distance and physical presence often they find it difficult to invest in the right property. This sometimes also hampers NRI property transactions.

In order to solve this problem of NRI, property firms have now strengthened their online presence. With the advent of many digital techniques and new technologies, investing in property through online search has become a preferred medium among the NRI segment. How? Take a look:

  • For Indian living abroad, online search is the first step towards any property related transaction with the help of which they get connected with various realty firms.
  • Usage of technologies like 3-D view, Artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality etc. by the real estate firms helps a person sitting in any part of the world to have a closer look at the various pros and cons of the property thereby affirming future transactions.
  • With the help of digitization, property firms are also able to enhance the connectivity level between them and NRIs. They are attracting them through various online inventories, 3-D Virtual Tours, platforms for online booking of the property etc.
  • Digital Marketing is another platform via which the property firms are tracking various NRI investors and generating leads across the globe. Through marketing and advertising of various project inventories online, they easily connect with global investors easier and faster. In the latest survey report, it has been revealed that from last few years the internet has come out as one of the most favourable medium among this segment for property investment as compared to other.
  • Apart from this, experts have also suggested that policy formulations like RERA and GST by the government in the Indian real estate market led to more transparent and clear property transactions which have boosted the morale of NRI investors that was earlier hampered due to non-presence of such policies. With the help of RERA, investors can easily check the background of the developers as well as the project related information and hence can invest in better projects and trustworthy developers.
  • The presence of different types of inventories in various segments like luxury and uber-luxury help NRI investors to choose from wide range of property options.
  • Even after the property transaction is completed, NRIs can easily check upon their investment made with the help of property advisors and consultant digitally.