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India has always remained an attractive option for NRIs especially when it comes to real estate investment. Whether it is a luxury project or a land parcel or a plot, NRIs always look for a golden chance to make an investment in India. Moreover, with a large number of options present across different metros as well as Tier-2 cities, NRIs can easily invest in their chosen city where they can earn a good return on Investment. Here is a list of some of the top emerging India Cities which are best for NRI Real Estate Investment:


This Southern IT City is a hub of residential investments not only amongst domestic homebuyers but NRIs too. Reason, world-class infrastructure, good connectivity, safer surroundings and above all better construction quality and balance between demand and supply in the residential segment. Also in the commercial category, with increasing coworking culture in the city, those NRI who want to earn good ROI can invest in this space also. The average property rate in Bengaluru is Rs 5100 per sq ft.


In recent years, this city has also emerged as a dream investment destination among NRIs. The city has seen much infrastructural and real estate development which has attracted many NRIs to invest here. Due to this, there has been a surge in the property price. Spacious units along with best construction quality and architecture by developers call upon this segment to invest in luxury real estate properties in Hyderabad. The average property price here is Rs 4900 per sq.ft


This city of North which is also known as an IT Hub in recent years has seen a huge influx from NRI investors. The serene and safe environment along with sound infrastructure is the main reason behind it. Also, NRI can easily get luxury properties with big land plots at much affordable rates than other cities. Also, those who are looking to earn rental income from the units, the city is the best place to invest. The average property rate here is Rs 4800 per sqft.


Being the financial capital of the country, the property prices are exorbitant in Mumbai, still, the luxury properties with world-class facilities attract NRI investors. Good connectivity, better infrastructure and presence of leading developers with some high-quality projects call upon NRI to take this market seriously. The average property price in the city is Rs 9200 per sq ft.


Among all the above cities, Chennai real estate market is still affordable in terms of the property price. Apart from this, growing infrastructure, better connectivity, presence of leading IT Hubs, MNCs and automobile industries are the other reason behind increasing NRI investment. A latest survey has also revealed that Chennai is among the top 10 cheapest locations to invest in the world. The average property price here is Rs 5000 per sqft.