Now, Just Take Aadhaar to Register Property in Maharashtra
Img : zricks

In a positive move which will help many home buyers in Maharashtra, the state department of registration and stamps recently issued a notification which allows Aadhaar verification for property registration instead of independent witness. With this development, this state has now become the first in the country to allow verified Aadhaar credentials for property deals.

In the earlier process which was carried out till date, the third witness had to go through a tedious process at the sub-registrar’s office. He/she is required to produce photos, identity cards, thumb impression, affidavit and so on. This process not only takes up the entire day of home buyers but also increase crowd in the offices.

Giving more information about the move, Supriya Karmarkar, Deputy inspector-general of registration (IGR) said, “An amendment was made to Section 32A of the Registration Act, 1908 to introduce the new system. Aadhaar verification will further fulfill the requirements.”

Further an official also said that the complete procedure is consent-based which means now people have the option of producing their Aadhaar card for registration instead of the present day regulation of getting an independent witness. With this choice of linking your unique identification number, the process is set to become easy for citizens.

In today’s time almost every person carry Aadhaar card and if in case one doesn’t hold it, then they have to bring an independent witness.

Apart from this, this new move will also help the government in identifying nameless properties and make land records transparent.