Housing societies
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The Maharashtra State Government bought down the required resident consent percentage to make the redevelopment process of cooperative housing societies easier. Earlier the housing societies needed 70% consent of the residents to carry out the redevelopment work but now only 51% of the same will be enough to commence the work.

Devendra Fadnavis-led Government in this western state amended the Maharashtra Apartment Ownership Act (MAOA) a few years back and offered relief to the residents of old, dilapidated cessed buildings. The same decision is implied to carry out the slum rehabilitation projects and redevelopment of smaller societies in a fast and efficient manner.

Last week, the Co-operation department issued a Government resolution and this is applicable for all the cooperative housing societies. There are approximately one lakh societies in the state and Mumbai along with Thane have the largest number of the same.

An official said that this decision is taken to make sure that the redevelopment of all the housing societies is carried out. The consent percentage is the only reason behind the delay in redevelopment of many housing societies and the change in percentage will ensure fast and smooth completion of the redevelopment work.

However, the experts raised doubt over this decision as it can go against the residents and also called it a pro-builder move. The experts also said that legal actions can be witnessed in the future regarding the same.

An advocate said that all this can result in a higher number of litigations as a free hand will be given to a minority group that may turn things sour.

According to the recently issued Government resolution, the developer has to deposit 20% of the total project value to the housing society and the same process should be completed within three years.