Cooperative Housing Societies
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Good news for residents living in Cooperative housing societies (CHS) situated in Mumbai, Pune, Navi Mumbai and Thane, the state government has relaxed norms to obtain the deemed conveyance (DC)-ownership right of plot certificate from the builder, by reducing the number of documents required from 12 to 10.

These 10 documents include, society registration certificate, approved layout, 7/12 extract, sale deed of each flat owner or heir document, list of registered members of the society, occupation certificate, non-agriculture certificate of that particular plot, notice copy etc. In the absence of sale deeds of all members, the sale deed of even one member would be sufficient.

Last week, the state cooperative department has passed a Government resolution, which says that from now onwards only 10 documents are required to submit while making an online application to obtain a deemed conveyance. Once the online application is submitted, the Housing societies owners have to file an offline application at the office of district deputy registrar.

According to state department officials, they have scrapped two documents and merged rest of them to simplify the whole process for cooperative housing societies owners. They further said many builders in Mumbai and other cities withhold conveyance certificate in hope of availing more floor space index (FSI) or in order to get good rental incomes in various forms.

The new GR issued on 22 June 2018 states that it has been now made mandatory for the registrar of cooperative societies to register documents of the applicants within a day including the 10 documents. Further, as per the Maharashtra Right to Public Services Act, 2015, the DC should be issued within six months. However, if an official fails to provide and approve it within the prescribed period, then he or she will be penalised between Rs 500 to Rs 5, 000.

Till now, many housing societies in Mumbai and surrounding areas were struggling to get DC due to which their redevelopment was also on hold. So, the new GR will definitely prove to be advantageous for such societies.