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In a huge relief for Maharashtra residents, state registration department has recently put forth a proposal wherein; citizens can get their property e-records certified at any sub-registrar office in the state, instead of visiting the one located near to their unit.

As per the proposal, it has been suggested that irrespective of the property location, any 500 sub-registrar offices should be allowed to certify the downloaded history of property documents. One can download the documents via e-search option available on the IGR website.

Giving more information about the proposal, State Inspector General of Registration and Stamps, Anil Kawade said, “The move will save the trouble and time for citizens, who are presently forced to visit the sub-registrar office near to their property location.”

He further said that the e-search facility from the registration website allows people to search for all previous transactions of a particular property, after providing all the required details. This has been done to reduce the pain of citizens who are tired of visiting registrar office.

Residents of Maharashtra have welcomed this proposal and called it a huge relief for them. According to few residents, “Earlier, the e-search documents had to be certified depending on the location of the property, which was a tedious process. The certification is also a proof of a document in case of any legal issues faced in the property transaction.”

Recently, the stamp and registration department also introduced the electronic payment method for document handling charges. The facility has been first introduced for Pune district which will now start in rest of the state from May 1.