Parking Space
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Five major car parking spaces are currently under construction in Noida and are expected to be completed by March 31st 2019 an official report states. These areas will offer parking space for 10,000 cars in the city.

All the five car parking areas are currently under construction in Noida’s sectors 3, 5, 1, 38A and 16A Film City and the estimated construction cost for the same is Rs. 810.79 crores. According to the report, out of the five car parking zones, four will be underground which also includes the one in Sector 16A, and another is a multi-level.

As per the report of Noida authority, “the biggest of them, in Sector 38A, is a multi-level parking that will be able to accommodate as many as 7,000 vehicles, while the others will be underground, including the one in Sector 16A with a capacity of 1,400 vehicles.”

The construction cost of the parking in Sector 38A will cost Rs 573.15 crores including Rs. 523.01 crores for civil works and Rs 50.14 crores for the electrical works whereas the parking area in Film City is estimated to cost Rs. 110.59 crores including Rs. 101.85 crores for civil works and Rs. 8.74 crores for electrical works the report says.

Apart from these two, the car parking in Sector 3 will accommodate 566 vehicles, the parking one in Sector 5 will have a parking capacity of 262 vehicles and the parking area in Sector 1 is planned to accommodate 534 vehicles. All these parking will bear a construction cost of Rs. 50.07 crores, Rs 29.72 crores and Rs 47.26 crores, respectively, as per the official document.

Satish Mahana, the Uttar Pradesh Cabinet minister for Industrial development told about the construction of these spaces during his visit to the city in September 2017 and said that the construction of the same will be completed by March 2019.