Noida Authority Plans to Make Slit Parking Mandatory for Residents
Img : 99acres

The parking space is a troublemaker for most of the residential places. Thus, it is important to pave a route to reduce the chaos created by the parked vehicles on the city roads. Interestingly, the Noida Authority has taken this problem seriously and has invited proposal from the public to frame rules for building residential areas with dedicated parking area in their own premises.

Mr. AK Mishra, Chief Architect Planner of the Noida Authority was quoted saying, “Once we receive suggestions and objections from the people, we will clear them before amending our building bylaws 2010.” Another official stated that they want each property owner to have his or her dedicated parking space in order to keep the city roads clear from the parked cars that turn the city roads into a parking zone.

The changes in the building bylaws will ask the builders to offer one parking space for every 50 Square meters of area in future instead of the current 80 Square meters. Mr. AK Mishra further said that, “Once implemented, all our residential plot and group housing allottees will have to abide by the norms and no layout plan of a building will be approved if the new bylaws are not followed.”

The Authority plans to offer ample parking space while minimizing the ruckus on the city roads as the Chief Architect Officer also said that, “The aim is to create more parking space in the residential areas. We have invited suggestions and objections against the move in the next 15 days from all stakeholders.”

On a whole, this is a corrective measure to keep the city roads clean and spacious with the help of both the residents as well as from the local body authority.