Planting of Trees
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Soon, the residents of Kolkata’s New Town area will have to plant trees to get their building plan sanctioned.  NKDA i.e. the New Town Kolkata Development Authority is likely to make tree plantation rule for every cottah of the plot. This rule will be compulsory for the owners whose plot is spread over 8 square metres (1.19 cottah).

An official said that the authorities have already begun the procedure to make amendments in Rule 9 of the New Town Kolkata (Building) Rules, 2009.

Recently, KMC i.e. the Kolkata Municipal Corporation proposed the idea to add more plants in the environment especially for the plot that are spread in more than 500 square metres (7.47 cottah) as the owners of such land parcels will have to dedicate 10% of the area for greenery.

The officials said that the trees are cut down to construct buildings and thus we aim to conserve nature and greenery as a lot of residential and commercial structures are being developed.

The officials explained that let assume a person owns 4-cottah plot in New Town. Then he/she will have to design the building layout that has a provision to plant four trees.

The nature conservation activist welcomed this decision and said that the authority must share information about the species that are required to be planted. The activist also feels that the authorities should not issue completion certificate to the plot owner before the planting of trees.

The development authority took initiatives to conserve greenery in the past, as a tall tree nursery was setup with the help of forest department and now they are working to set up a Tree library.