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The Lucknow Development Body took the decision to demolish all illegal buildings around the heritage area including unauthorized developments around Husainabad Trust.

Kaushal Raj Sharma, the District Administrator carried out an inspection of the heritage zone recently with a team after which this decision was taken. The authority also decided to stretch iron fencing around Clock Tower, Satkhanda and Picture Gallery in order to minimize the chance of trespassing and encroachment.

During the inspection, the team of district administration found that some buildings were developed near the heritage zone in the past one year.

The district administration urged ASI i.e [Archeological Survey of India] to issue a Show-cause notice to the owners of these buildings before starting of the demolition process. The administration also questioned ASI [Archaeological Survey of India] that why they failed to prohibit development of unauthorized construction in the heritage zone.

Apart from this, the Lucknow Development Authority is also directed to submit a proposal for iron fencing of the area around heritage monuments.

The construction of a food court, museum and Avadh Haat in the zone is currently under construction.

In the last year, LDA i.e [Lucknow Development Authority] planned to begin the auction process to sale 3,500 properties that include both residential as well as the commercial assets. The authority took this decision as they can’t bear the loss incurred for the maintenance of these properties.

Other than this, the Lucknow Development Authority also planned to reduce the land limit for the developing flats. Now, a dwelling unit can’t be developed on the fourth floor as the size is now declined from 2,000 square meters to 300 square meters.

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