Online Land Conversion
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Now the plot owners in Karnataka can request for land conversion online. The resident of this southern state can apply for conversion of land from agricultural to non-agricultural with a click as it will also make the process between the landowners and revenue authorities easier.

The landowners currently have to deal with the revenue department and also have to face bribery issue in order to get their land conversion done in the least time possible. RV Deshpande, the Revenue Minister of Karnataka said that the increasing complaints from landowners about the harassment and delay by revenue offices made the Government initiate this step.

The State Government made an amendment to Section 95 of the Karnataka Land Revenue Act of 1964, to simplify the process, and a new software is also developed to enable deemed conversion. The minister also said that with the use of this application, if the proposed land conversion is in accordance with the Master Plan published under the Karnataka town and country planning Act of 1961, such cases would be deemed converted.

The applicant is required to follow few steps under the new procedure according to which the applicant is required to submit an online request regarding the details of land along with its survey number as well as an affidavit.

The applicant has to submit an 11E sketch if the request is for partial conversion or if the RTC contains multiple owners or in the case of Pyki RTCs while others can submit the normal application. After the submission of these details, the software will forward the application to the Urban Development Authority (UDA). Then the UDA officials will examine if the request is in regard to the master plan of the area.

Once the applicant is find out as eligible by the UDA officials then the applicant will be asked to pay the fee and fine, if any, also online (K2 software).

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