Property Tax
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The Dharampeth Zone of Nagpur Municipal Corporation attached 26-open plots in the Dabha locality as the owners of these properties failed to deposit the property tax that is calculated to be Rs.19.54 lakh for more than a period of three decades.

Mahesh Morone, Assistant municipal commissioner said that the first 13-plots are located in Welcome Cooperative Housing Society in the Dabha locale were attached as their owners are tax defaulter since 1982 and have outstanding due of Rs.12.91 lakh.

The same action was taken against in the Gurudatt Sahkari Gruh Nirman Sansthan as the zone attached 13-open plots for the recovery of property tax that stands at Rs.6.62 lakh.

The Assistant Municipal Corporation also appealed to the property owners to pay the outstanding due in order to secure their property from being seized by the Corporation.

Earlier in January 2019, the Dharampeth Zone of Nagpur Municipal Corporation organized special camps for the collection of property tax from 16th January to 22nd January. These special camps were set up with the aim to encourage the property owners to pay tax on time and also to reach the every one of the following under the vicinity of the Dharampeth zone.

The tax collection camps were also set up that Adinath Shiv Mandir, Adivasi Society, Kachimet and the NMC Dispensary and the other zones of the Nagpur Municipal Corporation also planned to follow the same pattern in order to have greater tax collection and to encourage the residents of their area to pay the property tax on time.

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