DDAThe DDA i.e. Delhi Development Authority tabled multiple amendments to the Master Plan of Delhi 2021 and this includes allowing bank lockers in the basements of banks’ premises, allowing restaurants on the ground floor on notified mixed-use streets and permissions for certain activities on religious plots.

A few days back, the Delhi Development Authority laid the amendments in the Master Plan of Delhi (MPD) 2021, under which bank lockers, if part of an existing bank, will be allowed in the basements of its premises. The decision to amend the Master Plan 2021was taken in DDA’s meeting that was chaired by Lt Governor Anil Baijal, a statement released by DDA said.

The authority also sanctioned a proposal to make changes in the development control norms, under which activities are allowed on religious (category) plots at sub-city level. These activities include a training centre for yoga, spiritual activities and meditation, museum or art gallery or exhibition centre, auditorium, accommodation for preachers, devotees or management staff, canteen, restaurant, langar hall or community kitchen and bank extension counter, ATM facility or prayer halls, it said.

The sanctioned amendments will be forwarded to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for consideration and final notification.

Apart from this, permit on the notified mixed-use street will be offered to the restaurants on the ground floor, only with valid appropriate licences and with all statutory clearances, as existing on or before September 17, 2019.

The Delhi Development Authority also sanctioned the lowering of permission charges for usage of additional activity under the educational category plots.

Shilpa Sardare Jain
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