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A team of DDA officials, headed by Tarun Kapoor, Vice-Chairman of the Delhi Development Authority has to visit Tokyo in order to understand the city’s transit-oriented development. This delegation also has representatives from the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), an autonomous research and advisory body under the Union housing and urban affairs ministry as they are offering support to DDA to draft Master Plan 2041.

This master plan is going to have best practices from cities from across the world including London’s transport system, Singapore’s urban redevelopment and the transit-oriented development of Japan’s capital city Tokyo.

One of the senior officials said that we are open for ideas from across to draft 2041 master plan, and this is going to be one of its kind plan. The official also said that the authority intends to bring in experts from abroad, too.

According to the official, the Delhi development authority can replicate the best model like London’s excellent transport system. The official said that in London the commutation is easy and is never a problem and this is because of different modes of integrated transport that offer reliability and robust commutation.

The main challenge for us is to customize global ideas for the national capital.

After visiting Tokyo, the DDA delegation will also make a visit to Singapore. The official said that the redevelopment of housing areas in Singapore for affordable housing is one of the best innovative programmes across the world.

The official working on master plan said that we have examples like of the US, Germany and France to learn about planning of municipal finances. Apart from these countries we can also look at Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh for water supply system as it the best internationally and to Sri Lanka for having effective solid waste management.

The official also said that we won’t reinvent the wheel but practicing these methods is a challenge.

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