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The Agra Municipal Corporation has collected Rs. 38 crore as the property tax in the first eight months of the current fiscal year. This amount is 17 crores lesser than the target of receiving Rs.55 crore as the tax amount in the present financial year.

The corporation issued a show-cause notice to the 12 officials for impending recovery of taxes and thus means that the Agra Municipal Corporation has only seven weeks to collect the total targeted amount.

The corporation should have collected Rs. 50 crores as the property tax by now.

The State Government had ordered the Municipal Corporation to be become self-developed body by generating more revenues and by spending the funds properly.

In continuation to this, the Municipal Board of Councilors targeted Rs. 55 crore to generate from the property tax collection.

However, the Agra Municipal Corporation collected Rs. 30 crores as the property tax in the last financial year.

Ravi Mathur, the Councilor said that the misconducts happening in the department results in the poor collection of property. He also said that the Revenue inspectors are not working in a proper manner and thus a list of commercial premises with major outstanding dues is still unprepared. He further said that the issue will be raised in the next board meeting and these actions are going to affect the income of the Municipal Corporation.

Arun Prakash, Municipal commissioner said that the tax department officials are already warned to face stringent actions in case of negligence of property tax collection. We have already issued show-caused notices to the 12 officials for the same.

The Commissioner also said that we have given 15 days-time to all these officials to give a clarification on slow collection of property tax. They are also asked to improve in their performances.

In the records of Municipal Corporation, only 80,000 property owners are paying regular tax out of the total 1.80 lakh registered property owners.

The Agra Municipal Corporation has issued notices to over 200 commercial property owners for not clearing outstanding dues.

The Corporation has warned defaulters to face stringent actions in case the due amount is not cleared.

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