Property tax collected in Kolkata
Img : wikimedia

In order to achieve the targeted amount of property tax, the New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) has decided to extend the tax collection date for all residential, commercial, and educational premises till May 31, 2019. This deadline is for those who have not paid any of the four or all the four installments of property tax and that too with zero penalties.

NKDA applies unit area assessment (UAA) technique for property tax assessment. It was first introduced on April 1, 2018. With the help of this method, the authority has collected a tax of over Rs 50 crores.

According to NKDA senior official, “We have taken this decision after receiving a number of requests from many Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and those who are living outside the state due to professional reasons.” The earlier deadline to submit property tax was March 31. He said that residents requested that they need time to access and pay the tax.

The official also said that properties whether residential, educational or commercial that has been acquired before April 2, 2018, also comes under this extension but a penalty of 10% will be imposed on them.

“Since the property tax collection has started from last year only, so we can say the collected amount is satisfactory till date,” Official added.

Apart from the above extension, NKDA is also setting up awareness camps as well as sending officials to different societies to conduct special classes to help them in understanding the whole UAA process of tax assessment.