Affordable Homes
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In order to offer housing for all and especially to the poor families the Uttar Pradesh housing development board plans to construct 5,000 houses in the district by 2021. This construction will be done under the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna, the flagship programme of Narendra Modi-led Central Government which aims to deliver Housing for All by 2022.

A total of 12.5-hectare land will be required for the construction of these affordable homes and the Uttar Pradesh State Government has asked the district administration to look for such plot that fits into the requisition. Also, the State Government directed the authority to seek land which can be transferred to the board, free of cost.

Neha Singh, the executive engineer of UP housing development board in Bareilly said that the construction of homes has not even started here under this project due to non-availability of land.

She further said that we aim to build 5,000 houses in three years and have given a written request to the Government and the district administration to provide us land in order to carry out the construction work. For the current fiscal year 2018-19, the target is to erect 2,000 houses for which 5 hectares of land is required.

As per the official at Uttar Pradesh housing development board, they can get any land from the local administration with regard that the land comes under Municipal Corporation, Local Urban Bodies, land under PWD, irrigation department or urban development authority.

VK Singh, District magistrate asked the ADM (administration) RS Dwivedi to look into the matter and said that the authority will figure out where we have government land in surplus. Being the priority project of the Central Government, the required land will be provided to the housing development board in the least time possible.