Nashik Municipal Corporation
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Ranjana Bhansi, the Mayor of Nashik city has directed the officials to cancel all tax notices that are sent to the owners of new properties. She also ordered the civic body administration to conduct a fresh survey of the properties that also include the new immovable assets in the city.

Radhakrishna Game, the Municipal Commissioner, also assured the members of the civic body for taking a note of the issue related to the property owners. This was the first general body meeting for Game as he recently took the charge of civic administration of the Nashik city.

The Mayor took this decision to cancel all the sent tax notices as the elected members of all the parties demanded repeal of these notices.

Earlier, the Nashik Municipal Corporation carried out a survey of new properties built under its jurisdiction and this survey was conducted by a New Delhi-based private firm. A total of 4.88 lakh existing properties were found out of which more than 60,000 were the new properties. Also, the civic body sent notices to the owners of 42,000 new properties and directed them to pay the property taxes.

In a meeting, nearly 10,000 owners of the new properties filed written complaints to the civic body stating receival of faulty bills.

Mayor Bhansi said that we have canceled all the sent notices as it is not viable for the civic body to respond to the objections raised by the property owners.