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The Nagpur Municipal Corporation i.e. NMC has commenced implying property tax on the big open spaces that includes gardens and agriculture lands. According to this decision, the Government agencies such as Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT), Dr Panjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth (PDKV), Nagpur University and many more will have to pay hefty property tax for acquiring expansive land parcels in multiple locations of the orange city.

The Nagpur Municipal Corporation has commenced fetching Geographical Information System [GIS] to map huge open spaces in the city. This mapping is commenced as the part of the currently ongoing drive to reevaluate existing properties and to make an assessment of new and left out properties.

Apart from gardens and agriculture lands, the abandoned open lands, private lands where construction work is not yet started are also included. Similarly, the assessment of these land parcels is also started.

Milind Meshram, the Assistant Commissioner of property tax department in the Nagpur Municipal Corporation informed that even the gardens under the jurisdiction of the Corporation are being brought under this decision.

A demand note is already sent to the Nagpur Municipal Corporation for the gardens falling under their jurisdiction. However, the assessment of Dagdi Park, Ramdaspeth and Shivaji Nagar garden is completed.

According to the latest decision, the assessment of all including NMC structures, schools establishments, administrative offices, libraries, community halls and more will be carried out.

However, the tax on the structures of Nagpur Municipal Corporation will be a book adjustment. Meshram also said that tax will be levied on all structures and open lands. The corporation will have a list of complete data for all establishments and open spaces in the city.

The National Institute of Technology maintains nearly 60 gardens and also owns extensive lands in the city. Apart from this, PDKV also owns huge agriculture lands in Bajaj Nagar, Sitabuldi, Telangkhedi, Dabha etc. The Nagpur University and other such Government departments own some land parcels.

The Commissioner said that this is for the first time that people owning open spaces are bought under the tax net. He further said that the Nagpur Municipal Corporation didn’t carry out assessment for privately owned open lands where layouts are not sanctioned yet and many major opens spaces are disputed.

He further said that this decision will increase revenue generation of the Corporation and the Nagpur Municipal Corporation can also recover the impending tax on properties of the past six months.

The Corporation has completed assessment of Central government-owned open land parcels such as Mihan and Container Corporation of India [CONCOR]. According to the rules, the Central agencies generating profit from the establishments will not be exempted in the general tax.

The revaluation drive was commenced in November 2015 and the Corporation fetched GIS mapping of structures brought all of them under the tax net. Prior to this drive, there were only 4.50 lakh properties and now they have escalated to nearly six lakh.

Till now nearly 5.70 lakh properties are evaluated and demand notes have been issued to 4.85 lakh properties.