Property Myths
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The idea to sale a home makes a person consider multiple factors. Unfortunately, some of these points are nothing but a myth. Hence, it is important for you to know the myths about the property for sale as it reflects on the deal. So, we suggest you go through this blog post before approaching the prospects as it will save time and will also help you crack the right deal.

  1. I am quoting right Property Value

The maximum number of property owners feels that the price they quote for property selling is right. But, it is the biggest myth as the appropriate value of a property is measured by considering factors like Circle rate, market rate, locality, property age, connectivity, security and more. Hence, quoting any figure without having a tab of all the above-mentioned parameters is a wrong assumption.

  1. The More I ask, the better it is for Negotiation

This is a second myth about the property selling. You should never overprice the property as the prospects making a site visit have multiple parameters to measure the asset. So, quoting a unit price that varies from the actual selling cost is a wrong decision. In fact, the prospect will think twice before saying yes for the deal as he/she will compare the amenities offered in the property with locality, connectivity and prices of other properties for sale.

  1. Quick sale doesn’t mean low-priced property

Usually, we have a psychology that a property selling takes months and months. But, this is a myth as a perfectly designed and a primely located asset take less time to sell. Hence, thinking that did I quote less for the property is a wrong thing as the property sold in a short time is always believed to be a flawless one.

  1. Selling Property As It Is

Well, this is also a big myth. Many people will advice you not to conduct pest control, renovate the space and will also suggest you keep the property in as it is condition. The reason behind all this is one that what is the need to invest money in the asset that is anyways going to be owned by someone else. But, this is factually wrong as a prospect don’t hesitate to pay little extra over the budget in case the home is simply ready to move in.

  1. No need for an agent, my property is flawless

Never think that an agent is not required to seal a property deal. In fact, only the accurate property listing on the real estate portals, properly handled prospects, smart marketing strategies are things that only a professional can figure out. So, believing in the myth that I can sell the property directly is nothing but major disadvantage for property selling.

These myths will stop you from sealing a worthy property deal. So, consider all these points and open getaways to a successful property selling deal.