Mumbai’s Development Plan

The Development Plan-2034 for Mumbai came into force from today at a partial level. This new plan gives citizens the right to make internal changes in their residential structures without seeking permission from BMC [Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation] as they are not major structural amendments. Some part of the Development Plan is yet to be uploaded on BMC portal and few Sanctioned Modifications, the Development Control and Promotion Regulations also known as the [DCPR] will came into force in a short span of time.

The EP of the same will be finalized after some time as the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation is planning to hold a public hearing to take suggestions. Apart from this, all new plans that are submitted will be inspected under DCPR 2034.

Yomesh Rao, member of the Practicing Engineers, Architects and Town Planners Association said that the regulations laid are extremely simple and the incentives offered to societies for the redevelopment of dilapidated structures are also well planned. He further added that the slums areas are set to be redeveloped while keeping 35% space open. Another architect Vilas Nagalkar stated that buildings structured next to 9m wide road will be difficult to redevelop as TDR won’t allow plots abutting such roads.

Earlier, this year Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation planned to launch a digital system in order to make the payment procedure of property tax easy for both the taxpayers and the Corporation. This method will also allow the taxpayers to view their bills online and the digital method will also prove beneficial in the increase of BMC’s revenue.