Mumbai City
Img: pixabay

According to a recently done international survey, Mumbai is the most expensive city for living in India. This ranking has been offered after conducting a survey based on the cost of living. After the completion of the survey by a global agency, China’s Hong Kong stands at number one position and is the most expensive city for living around the world. After which Mumbai moved two stops ahead and ranks at 55th position followed by Melbourne at 58, Germany’s capital city Frankfurt at 68, Buenos Aires at 76, Sweden’s capital city Stockholm at 89 and Atlanta at 95th position respectively.

According to the company, a sudden increase in food and beverage prices including alcohol and domestic supply are the reasons for an upward movement of Mumbai city’s high ranking while leaving cities like Melbourne and Buenos Aires behind. The survey also states that the tinsel town Mumbai also maintains highest residential property rates in the world due to increase in costing of sporting and leisure-related activities. Other than this, the elevation via transportation costs including taxi fares, registration cost and road taxes play an important role in the escalation of property prices in the city.

The 2018 survey based on the parameters of 200+ commodities including housing, transportation, food and clothing finally ranked 209 cities across the five continents. China leads the survey and only two European cities can make it to top 10 including Zurich at number three [3)] and Bern at tenth [10] position. The survey showcased the dominance of Asian countries as Tokyo ranked second, Singapore fourth, Seoul fifth, Shanghai seventh and Beijing in the ninth place.

After which India’s capital city New Delhi secured 103rd rank, the Indian IT City Bengaluru got the 170th position, Chennai stood at 144 and Kolkata at 182nd position as per the survey conducted by an international global agency who is also a leader in health, wealth and careers sectors.