Movable Walls
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The squeezing space of residential units has emerged the need for temporary doors which can be folded back and then restored as and when required. These folding are earlier known as partitions but the change in lifestyle and home décor gave them a new name i.e. Movable Walls. These walls are a blend of architectural and interior designing that help you create space in small rooms and also allows people to offer a stylish look to the entire living structure. So, here are the things you must know about movable walls:

  1. Choosing Right Material

The concept of a moving wall is to make the area or the room look capacious than what is in reality. Hence, it is important to install right kind of material inspired by the home décor of the particular place. For example, the moving wall between the porch area and the living room should have a framed made from wooden/steel/aluminum/iron and must have glass installed inside it. This will offer a beautiful exterior view as you can enjoy the bright sunshine or a rainy day while sipping a cup of coffee in the living room.

  1. Customize Movable Wall

The availability of materials like vinyl, carpet, fabric, to high-end veneers, laminates, glass and metals ensure structuring of movable walls that can enhance style apart from adding volume to the room. Also, consider the overall home décor of the place and then opt for either solid or glass panels as the improper placing of movable walls can make the place look ugly and is likely to occupy more space than what it should cover.

  1. Designing Movable Wall

This wall type can be structured in multiple ways like Multi-Slide, Bifold patio, Single Slide, Right angle and Two-way sliding. So, have clarity about where exactly you want to have a movable wall. We suggest you design the space with these movable walls as mentioned below:

Curved walls – The curvy-wall offers more space and also gives a designer look to the home. In fact, one can hide irregular or non-linear wall structure with a movable wall in curvy design.

Corners – Structuring of two moving walls instead of one is another option. Connect two pillars with Multi-slide or bifold patio doors in right-angle and enhance the look of home décor. Choose a wooden design with glasses pre-fixed in the frame in order to offer a chic look to space.

Side Opening – Add some style to the home décor and opt for side opening door instead of the regular middle door opening to the movable walls. This kind of movable wall design covers less space and gives you the option to enjoy view differently.

  1. Easy to Install

The movable wall comes in framed unit means that one is only required to fix the screws to make the moving wall stand where ever you want.  Being pre-constructed the movable walls needs zero construction work as it is only about the design you choose. Zero construction crews, no layout approval and less amount of time involvement make this home décor idea the best. Hence, you need not invest huge time to get one at home this season.

  1. Budget-Friendly

The minimum labour and construction cost reduce the budget and thus people have to invest in lesser amount in comparison to what it takes to build a normal/regular wall. Also, these movable walls are easy to clean and maintenance which makes them more cost-efficient.

The above mentioned five points are enough to make you understand the need of moving walls as they look more appealing are cost-efficient and also help you manage space inside the home.