Online Registry Facility in Ludhiana
Img : jumpshot

The online land registry is fully functional in all 15sub-registrar offices of Ludhiana district in Punjab. This step has been taken to make the working of the department more transparent and helpful for the people. Now, the residents can also take an appointment for the registry of their property online. Pradeep Agrawal, the Deputy Commissioner of the city shared the news that with the introduction of online land registry started from June 22, nearly 3,536 people have been benefitted until now.

He further said that now people don’t require to stand in long queues and wait for their turn in the office of sub-registrar as the introduction of a digital platform for the same will help them complete the registry procedure in due time as it also consumes less energy and time.

The people can also get the details related to stamp duty and registry fees on this portal and the applicants are now only required to visit to apply for the land registry. Also, the attendance of all three, including, the Seller, Buyer and the witness will be marked via a biometric system which will eradicate the chance of witness turning hostile. The District Commissioner further said that the computerized land record data will be linked with this system which will minimize the faulty land registries cases.

He also said that the residents can avail the facility to get their land registered on any given working day and time and no registry will take place with a prior appointment. The applicant can also calculate the required stamp duty, fee and other costs with the help of National Generic Document Registration System. The independency of calculating cost also minimizes the dependency on the deed writers by manifolds.