Property tax collected in Kolkata
Img : wikimedia

After the introduction of property tax assessment and collection based on Unit Area Assessment (UAA), more than 1 crore has been collected by The New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA), since April 1 this year.

According to civic officials, more than 3,500 online self-assessments were filed by individuals and corporate entities and about 3,000 property owners paid the taxes digitally. Till now, the response of the individuals and corporate persons has been much positive.

They further said, “Earning more than a crore within a month of introducing UAA-based property tax collection is quite encouraging. Several individuals and corporate entities have already visited the help desk at the NKDA’s property tax office in Action Area 1 to understand how to make self-assessments and pay online.”

In order to reach more people and increase the awareness of paying tax online, civic bodies will again launch a fresh drive so that the property owners can pay their property tax in the month of May. Two teams of civic officials will be visiting several housing complexes, making residents aware of the procedures. Each team will visit the housing complexes on Saturdays and Sundays from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm this month. The teams will also visit individual and cooperatives households in several blocks of the township at 5 pm from Monday to Friday.

Moreover, the civic authorities have also uploaded some FAQs on its website to clarify any doubts of taxpayers. Besides this, if the property tax will be paid in the first quarter then a rebate of 5-5% will also be provided on timely payment of quarterly dues and yearly dues respectively.

However, if any property owner fails to pay tax by June 2, then a penalty will be levied on them.