Affordable Homes
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The Narendra Modi-led Central Government sanctioned construction of more than 6 lakh affordable homes for urban poor under the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna [PMAY-U] in eleven states. Currently, Uttar Pradesh is leading with the highest number of sanctioned affordable homes with a share of more than 2.34 lakh housing units.

The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs said that the Government has decided to release Rs. 486.87 crores while considering the odd condition of Kerala due to heavy floods. This financial assistance will be offered in two installments to Kerala as a relaxing norm for the projects sanctioned by the Government under PMAY(U).

The UHA i.e. Ministry for Housing and Urban Affairs has also suggested the Kerala State Government to submit project proposals to construct housing units under the Pradhan Mantri Aawas Yojna [urban]. The ministry has also advised the Kerala government that it may submit project proposals as soon as possible for construction of houses under PMAY(U). The people affected by floods are also eligible for home under PMAY(U). Being responsible to implement PMAY, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs has also sanctioned 1,40,559 affordable houses in Andhra Pradesh and 74,631 affordable homes to Madhya Pradesh.

The central sanctioning and monitoring committee [CSMC] of PMAY(U) sanctioned the construction of these housing units in a meeting held on 26th September. With this sanction, the number of affordable homes with financial assistance from the Central Government now stands at 60,28,628 across the country.

The Narendra Modi-led Central Government aims to construct one crore affordable homes by 2022 and last month the Central Government approved the construction of 1.12 lakh affordable houses in eight states. The Government sanctioned Bihar 50,017 houses, Chhattisgarh 30,371 houses, Gujarat 29,185 houses, Maharashtra got 22,265 houses and Tamil Nadu 20,794 houses.