natural light inside home
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Natural lighting energizes the mind and the sunrays uplift the mood no matter how low a person is feeling. Thus, you must know the ways to maximize natural lighting at home.

1. Introduction:

A report states that more than 45 % of people prefer to have a home where direct sunlight or natural light is available. Similarly, over 20 % of people prefer to have a garden and the remaining love to have a big-size kitchen.

Many people make use of mirrors, skylights and bright wall colours to experience natural lighting. All this bring one thing in notice that natural light is very much important in life.

2. Importance of Natural Light:

The regular flow of natural light makes a person fast learner and this reflects in personality as the students get a better understanding of all the subjects and the professional outperform each other. In reference to the home décor, the natural light makes the arena look bigger and always keeps a person in a happy mood.

3. Expert Speak:

East direction is suggested the best direction for home facing according to Vastu Shastra. Similarly, the interior designers prefer windows in the east direction and the skylights slanting towards the east direction. The experts suggest placing of light diffusers as the natural light coming out of them refreshes the mood and allow the flow of positivity at in the air.

The idea to illuminate home with natural light has taken a giant leap and thus you must go through the below-mentioned ideas to maximize natural light at home.

4. Reflective Surface:

Double the amount of natural light in a home by placing a mirror on a wall that faces towards the window. The mirrors can be hanged at multiple places to reduce the darkness and negativity inside the abode. The back-painted glass in Kitchen is yet another spectacular idea to bring natural light in the open-kitchen arena.

5. Wall Background:

The selection of light wall colours welcomes natural light inside the home largely. The bright colours and clumsy wallpaper designs cut the flow of natural light and thus make way for negativity inside the abode. You are suggested to paint stained-finish colours on the wall instead of matte paint as it restricts the entry of natural light at home.

6. Ceiling Pattern:

The ceiling must be painted in light-colours such as white or cream. The dark colours attract light and thus a false ceiling in dark colours reduces the light in a room. Hence, you must paint the ceiling or the roof in a light colour.