Home Décor idea
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Have you ever thought that a simple looking Mason jar can be used creatively? Yes! With a little creative thinking and a bit of craftiness, you can decorate home with mason jars by making it a perfect décor idea. Use them as a decorative element or storage accessories and they will definitely add up a unique element to your house.

Take a look:

Flower Vases

Arrange beautiful flowers in your Mason jar and give these jars an attractive look. You can also use them during party or dining table decoration.

Mason Jar Flower Vases
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Kitchen Storage

Use Mason jars to store your daily food items and cutlery items. Paint them in various colors to make it more charming and appealing.

Mason Jar Kitchen Storage
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Bathroom Storage Jars

Just like Kitchen accessories, store your toothpaste, brush, hand wash and other daily bathroom needs in these jars. It’s a great way to conserve tight bathroom space.

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage
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DIY Mason jars and plant your favorite indoor plants in them. You can also use them in Kitchen by planting small herbs in it. You can also create a succulent garden in a larger mason jar.

Mason Jar Planters
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Sounds sparkling! Yes, these jars can also be used a perfect lighting solution. Use them as a chandelier or bathroom lights and I must say nothing could be more charming than these Mason jar lights. They can also be used as pendant lights in your kitchen island.

Mason Jar Lighting
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Oil lamps

Create your own Mason jar oil lamp and give a perfect ambiance to your home by putting off the lights.

Mason Jar Oil lamps
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Candle holder

Candles are an essential way to add warmth to your home. You can use these Mason jars to decorate your dining table for a perfect candlelight dinner. Apart from that, you can also suspend these mason jars from a metal rod and add beauty to the exterior of your house.

Mason Jar Candle holder
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Collect different sized Mason jars and place souvenirs, postcards, seashells, and photos from travels in them. Keep them on a table and display your Mason jar memories.

Mason Jar Memories
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