Vastu Shastra
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The main door is a pathway to success, happiness, peace and prosperity in life. Thus you must ensure appropriate vastu for the entryway. So, we are suggesting what to do and what not to while getting the main door ready for the abode. Here you are suggested to take all points into consideration as the below-mentioned vastu tips are helpful to detect vastu faults from the main door. So go through the entire post and know the Vastu Shastra for a perfect main door:

  1. The main door towards north, north-east, east, or west is believed to be auspicious and is said to bring happiness inside a home.
  2. The door should not be located in the south, south-west, north-west [north side], or south-east [east side] directions.
  3. The main door is believed to bigger in size in comparison to other doors of the house.
  4. Vastu Shastra suggests not having three doors in a linear position or in a parallel line.
  5. The door should open in a clockwise manner and not in an anti-clockwise manner.
  6. The main door crafted from wood is believed to be lucky and is said to bring in prosperity, happiness and success home.
  7. The door in the South direction can have a combination of wood and metal.
  8. The main door in the west direction should be designed with metal.
  9. The silver colour is best suitable for the main door located in the Northern direction.
  10. The door crafted with wood and reasonable metal is best for the East direction.
  11. The main door arena should have sufficient lighting day and night.
  12. The place should be clean and avoid placing of a dustbin near to the main door.
  13. Fix the main door in the North-West direction by using a brass pyramid and a brass helix.
  14. A copper helix can be used to fix vastu defect of the main door in the south-east direction.
  15. The placing of divine images on the main door is believed to good to reap success and good fortune in life.