Green Buildings
Img : thehindu

In order to encourage green buildings, the Devendra Fadnavis-led Maharashtra State Government plans to offer incentive floor space index (FSI) of 3-7% for constructing buildings according to the framed guidelines under green building specifications.

This proposal is likely to come into effect along with the implementation of unified Development Control Regulations (DCR).

Ashok Mokha, chairman of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), Vidarbha chapter and architect said that this initiative will encourage developers to construct green buildings more and the percentage of incentive FSI is based on the based on the type of rating of green building. All this will prove beneficial to conserve water and power while controlling gas emissions. He further said that water level is going down with regularly and the green buildings must be developed according to the green building norms.

Mokha also said that this has been a long-time demand from IGBC and the Government has finally taken steps in this direction.

This decision by the State Government is also welcomed by the Confederation of Real Estate Developers’ Associations of India (CREDAI) Nagpur. Secretary Gaurav Agarwal said that the incentive FSI will work as an encouragement to build green buildings and home by both the developers as well as by the common man.

Secretary further said that FSI is a notional thing and will not be a burden on the State Government. This initiative will help the developers as they avoid construction of green buildings due to higher construction cost. Apart from this, the initiative will protect natural resources he said.

Earlier to this, many states have already introduced initiative FSI for the construction of green buildings.

The ratings for green buildings are given by two organizations one is the IGBC and another is GRIHA [Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment]. IGBC rank green buildings as silver, gold, platinum and super platinum whereas GRIHA rates on star basis.

The incentive FSI is determined according to the rating structure of these organizations. 3% incentive FSI is proposed for green building with rating of 3 stars/silver, 5% for 4 stars/gold and 7% on 5 stars/platinum.

The developer is required to register with IGBC or GRIHA to avail the benefit of incentive FSI. The authorities will verify and approve the project before sanctioning the occupancy certificate.

The State Government also took the decision to penalize the developer who fails to turn the availed incentive FSI into a green building as per the norms. The defaulting developer will be imposed with twice the cost of incentive FSI.

The Devendra Fadnavis-led State Government also proposed to the development of Government buildings according to 3-stars/silver compulsory.

The notification to implement Development Control Regulations (DCR) is awaited.