Dalits for Land Purchase
Img : developmentchannel

The Maharashtra Government led by Devendra Fadnavis sanctions 100 percent subsidy to the landless Scheduled Caste (SC) labourers falling below poverty line (BPL) category. This subsidy is viable for the purchase of up to 2 acres of irrigated land under the Karmveer Dadsaheb Gaikwad Sabalikaran Swabhiman Yojna. Other than this, the subsidy can only be availed if the labourer purchases 4 acres of non-irrigated land under the same scheme. This move by the State Government has come at a time when both Lok Sabha and State Assembly elections are a year ahead.

Until now, a farm labourer coming from Dalit society was eligible for 50% subsidy to purchase irrigated land up to 2 acres with a cost capital of Rs 3 lakh per acre and up to 4 acres of non-irrigated land with the cost capital of Rs 2 lakh per acre. The increase in land prices reflected this scheme at large. The Social Justice Ministry of the State Government proposed an increase in subsidy and also sought elevation in the amount to be paid up to Rs 8 lakh per acre for 2 acres of irrigated land and Rs 5 lakh per acre for 4 acres of non-irrigated land.

The State Government also approved payment for land at double the ready reckoner rate. According to an official, a committee is formed under DM – the district collector which will commence negotiating from 20 percent increase initially, which can go up further till 100 percent of the current Ready Reckoner rate before handing it over to the landless person/people.