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Recently, the Maharashtra State Government proposed to hike the period of building plan sanction. At present, the timeframe is of 30 days to 60 days according to the unified development control regulations (DCR). Whereas the Indian Institute of Architects (IIA), local chapter made a detailed submission on the unified DCR and suggested the State Government to bring the same period to 45 days.

While looking at the Union Government’s Ease of Doing Business Assessment-2017, the Devendra Fadnavis-led Maharashtra Government issued a notification in July 2017 to make it compulsory for the planning authorities to approve or reject building plans applications within a period of 30 days. However the period was 60 days prior to the notification.

Also, the building plan was believed to be deemed sanctioned if the authorities give no response or decision on the same.

Also, according to a notification penetrating to unified DCR, the period is kept for 60 days. To receive deemed sanction, the applicant has to submit a letter to the planning authority stating that the building plan became a deemed sanction. After which the authority has to convey their remarks and issue a commencement certificate along with a copy of the sanctioned building plan within 15 days.

Also, the time period for the occupancy certificate is proposed to be increased from 8 days to21 days.

Paramjit Singh Ahuja, head of Indian Institute of Architects [IIA] suggested the Government to offer discretionary powers to the Municipal Commissioner in corporations, Metropolitan Commissioner in the metropolitan regional plans and Chairman in the Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT).

Both, the relaxation and the discretionary powers to these authorities are not mentioned under the unified DCR.

In the present DCRs, the above-mentioned powers are there with these authorities. Also, the Architects and builders sometimes seek relaxations for side, rear margins, FSI, balconies, distance between buildings etc.

The Indian Institute of Architects also suggested allowing housing scheme under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) and tourism activities in the agriculture zone. Both these activities are permitted under the current norms. Apart from this suggestion is also made to increase the area for rooms in banquet and function halls.

Under the unified DCR, a hall can cover in an area of 0.4 hectare or more and can also get FSI of 0.2. Out of the total area, 30% of the space can be utilized for rooms and the remaining 40% can be utilized for parking.

However, the IIA didn’t say anything on the Government’s proposal to minimize FSI of the commercial from existing 2.5 to 1.25.

The Indian Institute of Architects also suggested preparation of graphic interpretation of unified DCR to avoid interpretations. The association also extended its support to prepare graphic interpretation. All sections in the unified DCR are in the text format.

April 8 was the last date for submitting suggestions and objections. The State Government will conduct hearing on the applications that were submitted prior finalizing the rules.