Mumbai’s Development Plan
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Devendra Fadnavis-led Maharashtra Government allowed builders/developers to construct more residential units on every plot but also said that there will be no proportionate increase in the open area of the building.

Under the Development control regulation, the Maharashtra State Government asked BMC i.e. Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation to calculate the development estimate of a plot on the gross area with a reservation of 15% for the open arena which is known as the recreational ground [RG] in legal terms. Earlier, the estimated area used to be calculated after exempting the recreational ground. The Development control regulation decides use of the land.

According to an architect, the number of dwelling units will increase whereas the space for recreational ground will remain the same. The new regulation is applicable to all plots measuring more than 2,125 Sq.meter. As per the earlier norms of 1967 and 1991, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation use to calculate development estimate of any plot with more than 2,125 sq.meter area after making a deduction of 15% for recreational ground.

For instance, a developer approached BMC with a plot of 2,500 sq.meter. had to face a deduction of 15% for RG which stands at 375 sq.meter and calculate the FSI [Floor Space Index] estimate only on 2,125 sq.meter area. So, if the FSI of a plot stands at 1 then the developer can carry out the vertical construction of 4,250 sq.meter that too without paying a premium to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation i.e. [BMC].

But now the same developer can vertically construct 5,000 sq.meter which clearly increases the housing units number.

The Maharashtra State Government also asked civic chief Ajoy Mehta to draft a transition policy which can explain the proper utilization of additional construction rights generation.