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In Ludhiana, the property owners will now require to make online application to get the building plan sanctioned. The civic body will not entertain any manual application for sanctioning of building plans and this came into effect recently.

According to the officials, the local bodies department commenced work on developing an online building plan scheme in August, 2018 but the same got delayed due to some reasons.

One of the officials was quoted saying, that in order to offer a hassle-free service to the residents of Ludhiana city, all roadblocks are cleared now. The official also said that the architects wish to make the procedure simple and the date for accepting manual applications has also been extended.

The official also said that people will be benefitted with this scheme as they no longer require to stand-in queue at the office of Ludhiana Civic Body. The official further said that the architects will submit plans and the official of Ludhiana Civic body will be responsible to sanction the same.

The Logins and passwords have been issued to both, the architects and the civic body to keep the process transparent.

The official of Ludhiana Civic body said that the online system has begun accepting building plans for both residential as well as for the commercial buildings. However, it will take some time to take up the industrial plans. These plans are currently being accepted manually.

Vijay Kumar, Assistant town planner was quoted saying, that no manual application for building plan will be accepted. The residents are now required to apply now and via. It will take a month’s time to sanction plans but the residents need not visit the office of Ludhiana civic body repeatedly.