Ludhiana Property Tax
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The Ludhiana Municipal Corporation has decided to use colour-coded maps to catch property tax defaulters in the city. The Punjab Remote Sensing Centre [PRSC] has designed and prepared these coloured maps as they will prove helpful to verify the property and to generate property tax in the city.

The Civic body has received ready to use property maps for 13 blocks where the authority has made unique identity numbers mandatory. According to the officials, this practice will prove beneficial to catch the property tax defaulters as linking becomes easy with the unique ID numbers.

The Ludhiana Civic body has already gathered GIS-based data of properties in 13 blocks that includes 1, 3, 4, 8, 14, 15, 18, 20, 22, 23 24, 26, and 27 blocks of this city. The civic body has also commenced their work to match properties with a record in order to attach the Unique ID numbers with all these properties.

According to the officials, some residents are still felt to get unique ID numbers and the process to issue them is underway.

During the check by the authority, the officials will get access to these colour-coded maps on their mobile phones that will make enable them to figure out the unique ID number of that respective property. These colour-codes will also help the officials know if the property owner has paid the tax or is a defaulter.

The green colour will be shown for the properties of which the tax has been paid while the defaulter’s property will be coded in the white colour.

The officials will easily come to know about the property tax status just by checking on their phone. The maps of each block will be given to the staff when they go out in the field.

Vivek Verma, the MC Superintendent said that in the initial stage we the civic body is only using two colours in the map in order to check if the system is not or not. After which, more colours will be used in the maps to decode other issues such as electricity and water.

He further said that at present the action is taken for 13 blocks and the same process will be followed in the remaining 24 blocks of the Ludhiana city soon.