Ludhiana Civic Body
Img : guardian

LCB, the Ludhiana Civic body in Punjab uploaded the maps of town planning scheme on their official website which is going to benefit the number of aspiring home buyers in the city as people will have an easy access to TP Schemes as and when required.

Now, the residents of the Ludhiana city are not required to line-up in long waiting queues in the MC office in order to receive the maps of town planning as they can find them on a single click. The online application acceptance procedure is likely to begin in sometime soon for which the uploaded TP schemes will prove beneficial as the applicants can attach these plans directly by fetching it from the official website of the Ludhiana civic Body. This act by the local authority will enable people to receive the copy of town planning from the MC website directly for using it while applying for the building plan approvals.

The civic body wants to create awareness about the TP schemes amongst people about their respective localities, as these schemes are being developed while considering building bylaws under residential areas which also restrict people to conduct commercial activities in the residential areas. The lack of awareness about Town planning is the main reason for the running of the commercial activities in residential areas that result in the frequently raising number of illegal activities and encroachments.

A total of 68 Town Planning scheme areas have been uploaded on the website The land certificates for TP schemes within residential areas, except a few main roads, which were declared commercial with the passage of time are kept unchanged by the Civic body an official said. According to the Sources, the Government is planning to regularize commercial activities in the residential areas in the forthcoming policy of one-time settlement for unauthorized constructions. SS Bindra, the Assistant town planner [headquarters] was quoted saying that they have uploaded all the essential information related to Town Planning schemes online. He also added that the digitalization of TP schemes will prove beneficial to the residents of the city.

Sanjay Goel an architect and one of the directors of Ludhiana Smart City Limited [LSCL], praised the uploading of TP Schemes by the Ludhiana Civic Body and said that this is a positive move as people need not visit different offices in order to collect all information related to the building plan. He further said that this move is a positive breakthrough particularly under the Smart City Mission on the website where people can visit and get regular updates about the developments that are being carried out in the city.