Lucknow Municipal Corporation
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The LMC i.e Lucknow Municipal Corporation has planned to offer all house tax-related details on mobile. The civic body decided to provide the property tax information to the property owners via SMS [Short Message Service] on the mobile phones.

As per the data of Lucknow Municipal Corporation, there are approximately 5.6. Lakh taxable properties in the city and only 2.8 lakh properties are registered with the corporation.

Ashok Singh, the Corporation’s tax collection in-charge said that this facility will come into use after the phone numbers of all registered property owners are updated in the record book of the Lucknow Municipal Corporation.

He also said that this provision will help the residents to deposit their house tax in a timely manner.

Singh also informed that the message that will be sent to the property owners will also have a helpline number as they can call on the same in order to resolve the issue.

The LMC [Lucknow Municipal Corporation] aims to collect the house tax of Rs. 260 crore in the financial year 2019-20.

Earlier this year Lucknow Municipal Corporation planned to launch a property portal to offer hassle-free services for the property related issues. This will make the city residents of the Lucknow pay the property tax online. Also, the property owners will have an option to transfer ownership of property online.  

In February 2019, the Lucknow Municipal Corporation also sanctioned the one-time settlement (OTS) scheme. Under this Scheme, the property and water tax defaulters in the city will get relaxation as they will be offered a rebate of 20% on the principal amount. In continuation to this, the interest will be waived off in case the defaulter pays complete outstanding dues by April.

However, the defaulters paying the same in May will be offered a rebate of 10 percent.