Online Property Portal
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The Lucknow Municipal Corporation is planning to introduce a property portal for hassle-free handling of all property related issues. Also, the residents of this capital city will be able to calculate and pay the property tax online. The property owners will have the option to transfer ownership of property online.

NIC is developing software that will be used on a trial basis for one month from February. Currently, the property owners have to visit the office of Lucknow Municipal Corporation to get their record registered with the authority.

But, the new online system will offer the facility to record the payment process with Lucknow Municipal Corporation at the same time.

Ashok Singh, the in-charge of tax collection said that this online system will come into use form the next financial year and this system will bring in transparency between the property owners and the corporation. He also said that the Municipal Corporation will keep a tab on collected and outstanding property tax amount every year.

Earlier, the Noida city went digital and the authority sanctioned the digital way to ease the process of work related to the property issues. This has made thing easier for the residents who were earlier required to stand in long queues to get their property-related work done.

The authority introduced PMIS [Property Maintenance Information System] that will provide a smart and easy service to the residents. This system will also minimize the chance of corruption in the department.

The citizens can visit to avail easy and property-related services.