West-Facing Homes
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Dreams, aspirations and the happiness to own a home is something which cannot be expressed as it is a feeling of reaching a milestone in life. But, sometimes you have to compromise while buying a property. For example, you may not wish to buy a home/residential property facing towards a particular direction but the property cost, loan sanction amount, amenities and connectivity to various places attract and thus you seal the deal. But, don’t get dishearten only because of the direction towards which your dream home is facing as the Vastu Shastra – an ancient science of architecture is there to restrict the entry of devil inside and around your dream castle. So, here are the Vastu tips which you must consider while buying a West-facing home.

  1. Firstly, the west-facing home with T-junction located in the entrance alias in the West direction should be rectified by putting up vastu partitions, vastu strips and brass strips.
  2. Secondly, the West-facing homes must have the slope bending towards the North-East direction as this attracts the positive energy from the opposite direction.
  3. Thirdly, dig an underground tank or a borewell in the North-East direction with sufficient water storage in this direction denotes good-quality life.
  4. Fourthly, revitalize the residential property by incorporating Vastu gems beneath the pyramids made from different metals and these should be placed according to the directions.
  5. Fifthly, ensure that the construction of Bedrooms, washrooms, kitchen, living area, staircase and the living room is structured according to the Vastu Shastra.
  6. Lastly, windows opening towards the North and East directions are beneficial for the regular flow of positive energy.

 Vastu Tips to Protect West-facing Homes from an Evil Eye

Every home/residential property can’t fit into Vastu without a defect but this can be mended by considering few things such as:

  1. Escape escalation of property and roof slope in all directions except North-East and this extension should not be more than 10 percent.
  2. Try to avoid placing a tree, pole, pillar and any other obstacle right in front of the main entry door.
  3. Try not to have T-junction on any of the sides of your home.

Vastu Remedies to Cure Defects in West-facing Homes

  1. Put up a brass door pyramid beneath the entry gate in case you own a West-facing home.
  2. Place a right-hand shankha filled with water in the North-East direction and welcome calm, peaceful, positive and prosperous vibes inside a home.
  3. Detox your home weekly with the rock salt as it has the element to vanish negative vibes from the atmosphere.
  4. The roof slope towards the West direction has a remedy. You can hang up the wind chimes in this direction to erect the vastu-dosh.

Fix up a Vastu arrow in the opposite direction in case the roof face towards the West direction.

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